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About Oakleys Plumbing


Karen Kim, Oakley's experienced bathroom designer, is an inspiration to those who are considering building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one. Karen has a particular forte in renovating bathrooms. Over the past ten years, working with Oakleys and their dedicated team of preferred trades people and plumbers, she believes she has seen all the glitches that present when redesigning a bathroom in an old, or not so old, home. She is known to have come up with a perfect working solution every time.

Karen became immersed in bathroom design following a background in design and kitchen design. She is passionate about the job from outset to completion and believes Oakleys' design service helps people avoid mistakes and save considerable amounts of money.

The design service that Karen offers can be as great or small as her customers' desire. Bathroom options and possibilities are limitless and the products stocked by Oakleys are some of the best quality and sharpest designs on the international market.