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FS730 Gas Fire by Escea

FS730 Freestanding Fireplace (Gas) by  Escea_logo

The Escea FS730 is our freestanding gas fireplace for those with not enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace or for replacing your freestanding wood burner
FS730 003 hi res
The FS730 offers a textured black body with a large flame display. The curved sides and simple understated lines suit both new and traditional homes..
FS730 005 hi res
No mess, no fuss. The FS730 doesn't create mess, ash or hot debris so you don't need a hearth.

FS730 004 hi res

FS730FS730 001 hi ResFS730 002 hi res

Gas Type:
Natural Gas

Star Rating:
3.8 Stars

Heat Output:
5.6 kW

Energy Input
12-25 MJ/hr

Viewable Glass (mm):
620w x 470h

Size (mm):
740w x 755h x 505d

FS730 Features

Af700-Fuel Bed Options

FS730 Unit Size

Af960-Smart heat


Product Code:

- Escea FS730 LPG Gas Fire