Oakleys now has over 15,000 different plumbing items in our purpose-designed warehouse and service centre's at 305 Cashel Steet Christchurch, 46 Timaru Street Dunedin and 68 Gladstone road Richmond Nelson. Whether a trades person or home handyman, you can rely on our team of dedicated trade service staff for good advice and products that work.Oakleys stands behind its products and offers technical support and warranties on all parts. Service to trade customers is very important and a strong aspect of Oakleys business. If you are looking for plumbing solutions that are fast, innovative and delivered on time, Oakleys trade service centre can meet your every need.

Whether its a washer for a leaky tap at home or a quote for a large scale commercial development no brief is too large or too small for the Oakleys team.

Plumbing supplies.


Brass_Fitting.jpg  Brass Fittings       Galv_Fittings.jpg  Galv Fittings   

RX_Threaded_Fittings.jpg    RX Threaded Fittings      Compression_Fittings.jpg  RX Compression Fitting

Polythene_Fittings.jpg   Polythene (PE) Pipe Fittings       SecuraGold.jpg

DWV-PVC_Fittings.jpg   Marley DWV-PVC Fittings       Pex-b_Fittings.jpg   Rifeng-PEX Fittings



Storm_Line_Pipe.jpg    PVC Pipe                   Land_Drainage.jpg    Land Drainage System

Galv-Pipe-SS.jpg    Galvanised Pipe            Copper-Pipe.jpg      Copper Pipe

Alkathene_Pipe.jpg     Alkathene Pipe              PE80_Blue_image.jpg    PE Pipe


Glue, Solvents etc.

Glue_Solvents.JPG     Glue, Solvents etc.


Clips & Saddles

saddles.JPG     Clips & Saddles



Traps.JPG     Traps



Spouting.JPG     Spouting


Water Heating

water_Heating.JPG Water Heating



Valves.JPG Valves


Surface Water Drainage

Surface_WD.JPG Surface Water Drainage